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3 Oct

I love icons and use them in my life.  Images that represent whole histories, a small mark that indicates a promise, even gestures which embody philosophies.  Perhaps because I’m a visual learner, so these self-applied icons serve as a mnemonic for remembering valuable lessons from my past.  I don’t have to conjure up entire stories, conversations, or experiences, I only have to glance at a small figurine on my desk.  A magnet on my refrigerator.  It is interesting to me, though, that I do not employ icons in the religious sense, as for instance a Catholic would.  I actually find most renderings of Christian events and people to be distracting and inaccurate.  As a child I visited often a monastery inside of which were stained glass windows that bore no depictions of people or Christian symbolism, instead they were an abstract combination of shades of blue that filled the sanctuary with a kaleidoscope of color.  The windows themselves were like a kaleidoscope.  I liked that a lot.  Even as a child pictures of Jesus were odd to me.  I remember at age six asking Jesus if he really looked like one particularly famous rendering of the LORD my parents kept in our living room, and feeling satisfied that Jesus had told me definitely “no”.   The only painting of God I’ve ever enjoyed is William Blake’s “Ancient of Days”.




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A Word [to] Our Sponsor

16 May


Young G has always been amused by watching us his parents bow our heads and give thanks before a meal. Usually he laughs loudly at the end as if the oddity of our closed eyes seems like a game. He recently began lowering his head and imitating our tones, so my mother and I folded our hands and hoped to teach him the beginnings of giving thanks and prayer.

We had no idea that later he’d be captivated by the gesture.