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Day four

14 Apr

Why did I choose to talk about paint? He had 6 minutes on the phone card and I talked about paint. In the last twenty-four hours he’s traveled a little closer to his destination, and all day I’ve wondered where he was and what he was doing. Then, when I finally have six minutes to hear the voice of my dear HD, I spend two-and-a-half of them complaining about the frustrations of painting.

Today is day four of my life without HD. For the next year he will work to fortify the dental health of our soldiers engaged in Operation Enduring Freedom. I’ve always known this was his job, and that his heart needed to fulfill this duty. I’ve always known it means a year apart. But I also know some day everyone I know will die; I’m neither happy about nor prepared for either.

Three-hundred and sixty-one days to go.