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Wait till Your Father Gets Home

2 Aug

I’m not mad at *him*. I really never am. He’s just a child and wants so dearly for me to approve with smiles. When he refuses to walk away after I tell him “no”, it doesn’t make me mad at him.

I’m mad that I’m the only one who is here. The only consistent disciplinarian in Young G’s life. The only rule maker. Also the only comforter.

He’s very strong-willed, and he hates for us to not be “cool”, so when he insists on his way, usually a look of disappointment on my face will turn him around. Other times he laughs maniacally and deliberately disobeys me. When I pick him up to remove him from the situation, he slaps me. So I just put him down, walk away, and let my heart break.

I’m the tender one; the HD is the disciplinarian. I can not wait to have his support in parenting again! Young G doesnt disregard HD (or other men for that matter) like he does me. HD will have to do little more than use stern-voice to be effective. G hasn’t touched a particular drawer since my brother told him not to.

It doesn’t make me mad that I’m not taken seriously. I’m mad I don’t have anyone else to fall back on right now. I’m mad HD is deployed.