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Hot Autumn

20 Sep

It’s a hot one today.  My little valley in Central Oahu is generally shaded with clouds that are blown intermittently by the steady winds, but not today.  The city must be dangerously hot right now!

It’s hard to feel like it’s the autumn here in Hawaii.  We see Halloween decorations, and I know that the October Classic is right around the corner, but nothing in the air feels like fall. Last year it was pretty depressing to be so warm, but this year doesn’t have the same sadness.  Instead we’re just trying harder:

I’m following the Braves’ game right now to maintain my eagerness for the playoffs.  We’ve volunteered at our church for Halloween.

I thought I was cut-out for a more adventurous lifestyle than this.  Maybe I would be if I could pack up my pals and bring them along.  It’s the end of September, though, and I miss Tennessee. I want to wear jeans and sweaters and boots!  I thought I would love living in Hawaii, or Germany, being in explorer mode with only my husband around.  But I’m not so adventurous after all.



2 Jul

HD and I just watched Punch Drunk Love. For the first time together.

The first time I saw this movie was in the theater.  Alone, in New York off Times Square.  When I saw it I was impressed with how love changes a man.  Love stops him in his track, it makes sense of his life, it gives him a purpose.

A year later I spent a couple weeks just hanging out with this guy.  This was 2004.  I saw him transformed by love.  This love was for me, but in addition to receiving love I observed its effect on him.  He would have realigned the planets to keep us together.  There was no other option besides love and being with me.

The movie Secretary moved me, too, before meeting my husband.  Both films are about people with problems so far on the spectrum of socially unacceptable who, once finding love, finally make Sense.  I felt like the analogy in these films are true to life.  My life, anyway.

People say, “when you find the One, you’ll know.”  More realistically, though, the saying should be, “when you find the One, you’ll make sense.”


30 Mar

… Just because I’m an expert doesn’t mean I’m perfect.

Today Young G rolled off my bed with a thud.  I covered the ten feet between us in a bound and had him in my arms before he could let out the first wail, but oh my, did he wail!

My heart raced and my head spun thinking of the pain his whole little body must feel from the two-and-a-half foot drop.  I held him close until finally my thoughts calmed enough for me to inspect him. No blood.

He began to nurse quickly and I checked his limbs. His skull seemed intact.  His eyes weren’t unfocused.

Dear Jesus! Protect my child in spite of me!