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Skip This Post; I’m Just Exercising

7 Oct

The temperature became warmer as we traveled into the evening.  From the Cumberland Valley into the Shenandoah the temperature increased ten degrees, even though it was four hours later in the day, and into the evening.  The warmth seemed to beckon me and say, “welcome home; have a little extra summer”.  I drove in my VW with the baby, and the HD drove behind me with Young G.  The trip took two days (potty breaks and a nursing baby) until we ended up in Charleston.


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Civil War of Red and Blue

15 Sep

I wish politics weren’t so divisive in my generation.

There are some people I know (Facebook contacts, I guess) who are so against whichever party they oppose, that they revile anyone who supports them. Their thought process sounds something like: if you are against Candidate A you must therefore support Candidate B. Or even more frustrating, if you are supportive of Party A then you must necessarily support Candidate A. The latter assumption is the most prominent, and my greatest pet peeve (probably because I hate being labeled).

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3 Aug

When we packed up and left Hawaii, I put my entire music catalog on an external hard-drive. I have a PC Netbook with very little memory, so the external drive is where all my important stuff lives. I’m really proud of my music collection, and obsess over it a little. So, it bothers me that all my play-counts when back to “zero”. The plan lately is to listen to all my music again.

Ben Kweller is playing right now.

My whole life music has helped me feel connected to the world around me, and kept me from feeling isolated in my misery.  This is a good year to allow music to minister to me again, now that I haven’t got the HD.


I’m so tired right now.  I’m exhausted with the feeling of obligation that I have.  I’m so tired of making other people happy.  I just want someone to bend over backwards for me, go out of their way, over-extend themselves, and throw me a surprise party. Continue reading

Hot Autumn

20 Sep

It’s a hot one today.  My little valley in Central Oahu is generally shaded with clouds that are blown intermittently by the steady winds, but not today.  The city must be dangerously hot right now!

It’s hard to feel like it’s the autumn here in Hawaii.  We see Halloween decorations, and I know that the October Classic is right around the corner, but nothing in the air feels like fall. Last year it was pretty depressing to be so warm, but this year doesn’t have the same sadness.  Instead we’re just trying harder:

I’m following the Braves’ game right now to maintain my eagerness for the playoffs.  We’ve volunteered at our church for Halloween.

I thought I was cut-out for a more adventurous lifestyle than this.  Maybe I would be if I could pack up my pals and bring them along.  It’s the end of September, though, and I miss Tennessee. I want to wear jeans and sweaters and boots!  I thought I would love living in Hawaii, or Germany, being in explorer mode with only my husband around.  But I’m not so adventurous after all.


7 Jul

I’m in love with home, and it doesn’t even bother me that both my parents are here together.  I missed the smell of the South East, the sound of cicadas, and the reserved classiness of the Atlantic Ocean.  Normally my parents — who have spent only two occasions together in the last ten years, one being my college graduation and the second my wedding — getting together is a stressful event.  But today I didn’t mind because they were here to just be family.  The Baby is all they care about, and that through me, so them being with their Grandson is all I care about too!

Getting here was arduous, though.  What was supposed to be a mere eight-hour flight became a twelve-hour one, and that only got me to my lay-over.  Fortunately the final leg was a 44 minute hop.  Young G doesn’t like to be held for long periods of time, and he doesn’t normally fall asleep while being held (unless he’s being worn and I’m walking).  So I had to wait until he was too weary to possibly stay awake any longer, at which point my neighbor was thoroughly dissatisfied with her misfortune of being seated beside us.  Well, I assume she was.  She never said one word to me for 12 hours.  Even when we were parked on the ground in Oklahoma City for two hours. Continue reading


27 May

Asleep in my arms on the beach after an afternoon meal.

Pt 2

26 May

Let me be fair:  I am not putting the responsibility on my husband here.

I am upset with my own life, my own choices.

My diplomas hang in mockery on my wall.  So much hard work and nothing — NOTHING — to show for it.  Last year I had a taste of purpose as I sat in my office at Columbus State University, but that didn’t contribute much.  The $3000 a year earned there wasn’t enough to weigh in. Continue reading