Solving for Pie

27 Sep

Lost entries make me sad. So do dents in my Jetta. He blamed it on the dilation of his eyes. I don’t really care because things like this happen (I do things like this), but it was sad to see the little dent in her hiney.

What makes me happy, though, are evenings of Scrabble with my HD and Little G playing joyfully at our feet. I say “joyfully” because he talks and sings to himself as he plays, inserting little bursts of giggles and dances that I can’t think of what other emotion he must be experiencing except joy.

But really the whole weekend was making me happy. You know it’s been a good one when on Monday morning you have to wash the beer smell out of your baby stroller! (Look, those cup holders are up high for a reason!) But our beer was in a cup at the Blue Angels air show and not cans or bottles, and it jostled about a bit. Pure entertainment!

Earlier, though, I was writing at length about my desire to learn how to bake pies. I was going on about how it seems essential to my home-making lifestyle that I know how to create these tangible expressions of love for my family. One tangent involved me saying that many tokens of affection are shelved and forgotten, but that a pie is fresh and flavorful, a new day’s expression of the time and love I put into all I do for the HD.

I was proud of myself for coming up with such an effective way of expressing my love for him. Then I hit save. The internet connection had been lost and alongside it this entry of pie. Then my husband came home and told me he’d hit my car in the drive way.

Do I think too much?


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